LIO PEN-MAKING FACTORY  has been devoted to technical research and talent development.It now has developed into a modernized factory specialized in automatical pencil, ballpoint pen and resin pencil leads and wooden pencil and others office products. All the products through continual improvement of the Quality Management System and deployment of Quality Objectives at all levels of the organisation,strictly checking in each stage of operation.
Because of the strict quality controlling and competitive prices, Most of the products of LIO stationery are directly sold abroad (mainly to the market of USA, Canada, Japan, The south ,Malaysia ,Taiwan and The Middle-east ) and get very good reputation. Meantime The factory become the main suppliers of many foreign trade company.
We always promised to offer our clients best quality, best goods and best service. After comparing with other suppliers, the customers will find we always be the best business partner in China.

Our chief products include 5 categories for real full-automatical pencil,
 ballpoint pen ,concering pencil leads in 0.3,0.5,0.7,0.9mm ,wooden pencil(big pencil) and file keepers .They are over 50 types. These products have won support and favor of oversea customers by credible quality, graceful patterns and reasonable prices,especially for automatical pencill, we had its some special featuring as from the mechanical pencil.


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