Product Name:Full-automatical pencil-Model NO.:LA-2012  Product Name:Ballpoint pen-Model NO.:BM-2088C  Product Name:Ruler-Model NO.:LRY 031  Product Name:Non sharpening Pencil-Model NO.:LA-2022(without erase)  Product Name:Full-automatical pencil-Model NO.:LA-2005  Product Name:Ruler-Model NO.:LR 104  Product Name:Mechanical pencil-Model NO.:La-866 
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LIO PEN-MAKING FACTORY   has been devoted to technical research and talent development. It now has developed into a modernized factory specialized in automatical pencil, ballpoint pen ,resin pencil leads , wooden pencil and others office products. All the products through continual improvement of the Quality Management System and deployment of Quality Objectives at all levels of the organisation,strictly checking in each stage of operation ...




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